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April 27th, 2015 | 0 Comments »

I know, this site is pretty old now. The design, although still somewhat slick, is now outdated.

In reality, I really have no time to update the site and much less put time into it considering that this whole “personal” site thing started back in early 2000’s. You know, the “I want to be cool so I’ll make my own personal site” teenage type of thing.

I like to visit this site from time to time to remind me of what it was like, the poetry, mixes, the design, the idea behind it. While it was fun back then, it sure isn’t now since I’ve grown up so much and now nearing my 30th birthday I just think that this whole thing is nothing more than a nostalgia era for me.

I’m lacking in updating my company site too, the truth is, I’ve gotten seriously busy since I now have a new job and continued my web design and IT services for another company since mine unfortunately did not take off as much as I would have liked it to.

Anyway, I’m glad to be able to write here again, even if for just this small while.

Do any of you have any thoughts on what this site can become, if anything? Is there still potential on personal sites compared to just having a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn account? I rarely ever see people with their own “personal” sites unless it’s a design portfolio of some sort or of course when they decide to offer their services online.

Take care everyone, leave a comment once in a while, will ya?!
January 11th, 2014 | 0 Comments »
Please update your bookmarks, my personal site LM.SILVER-SPHERE.NET has moved to LM.SILVERSPHERE.US

This will also mark the new official domain of my company site SilverSphere.US

August 15th, 2013 | 0 Comments »
I’ve had the great pleasure of dealing with yet another scam artist that thought he could steal from me. For your entertainment, here is the entire convo in its entirety 😀

(516) 331-1291: Do you still have this for sale???????????

Me: yea

+15163311291: i am buying the item for my son who is in Virginia in US.and i will offer you $1750 and add $100 for shipping,i will have do it local transaction but i am out of town presently…so you can get me back with your paypal email account so i can pay now.hope to hear from you soon best regard

Me: my paypal is EresUnCabron@RateroHDP.com
– This is Spanish for YouAreAnAsshole@ThiefSOB.com

+15163311291: i try to make the payment now to this your paypal email and is not going,may be you should check it very well

Me: then try this one. EresUnPuto@gmail.com
– I guess the email bounced, I laughed it off and gave him another fake email. This is Spanish for YouAreABitch@gmail.com

+15163311291: okay
+15163311291: Hi, I just wanna inform you that i’ve made the payment and you should have been notified by paypal already, so proceed with the shipment and send me the shipping number as soon as it is sent.And i want it to be shipped NEXT DAY DELIVERY Below is the shipping address: Name:James Ketterman Address:1902 Brandonview Ave City:Richmond, State:Virginia Zip code:23231 Country:USA

Me: i’ll try to go to usps today. will keep you updated
– Yeah…. Right.

+15163311291: okay i hope to read from you when you done the shipping.

Me: hey, what is this? i went to paypal.com and it says $0. i’m not shipping this until my paypal has money in it!

+15163311291: no no just try to understand the money has already been pending in your account i hope paypal has already explain to you better.
+15163311291: read the payment i made to you very well to understand

Me: paypal does not hold payments, ever. if a payment is made it goes directly into my paypal account. i cannot ship this item without the money.
Me: i have terminal cancer, no one to take care of me so i have to do this on my own for some extra money. at this time i dont have a job so i can’t afford to send it unless i have the money.
– I start to test him, see how he reacts to my “condition”.

+15163311291: Hi am sorry about your health and i understand your point,but the payment has already been made,and they have contact me that they want you to go and ship the item today and get back to them with the tracking number immediately they verify it they will credit your account and release your money immediately……..one again am sorry about your health and surely you will get your money today just do as i said .thanks
– So even after knowing I have “terminal cancer, no one to take care of me” he still insists in stealing from me. Pathetic.

Me: I have $10 in my bank account. I will be using that for food. I went to USPS, because of the size and weight of the item and because you want the item overnight they are actually charging me $248.65 to ship it to richmond va. I do not have this money with me and will need you to send that money for shipping.
– I raised the stakes here, asking for more money. Of course, it’s all fake as is his fake paypal money.

+15163311291: alright no prblm just go and get the money and ship the item today i will do the additional payment now because i want you to get all your money today
+15163311291: just try and ship the item and get back with the tracking as to credit your account today immediately,hope to read from you after the shipping

Me: my paypal account still states i have $0. and i need you to understand that I have $10 dollars in my bank account. $10 is NOT enough for shipping the item. if you need this overnight shipping i will need you to wire me that money via western union or have it show up on my paypal. USPS requires $248.65 to ship this HUGE item.

+15163311291: i have done the additional payment now with my brother gmail just go and do the shipping now and get back to me after you done.thanks and sorry about your health
+15163311291: what you just need to do now is to try as much as possible to find it and ship it overnight and all your money will e credit in your account today try to understand this transaction.
– Way to try to force me to “understand” how his scam works and fully ignoring that I simply don’t have enough money to send the item.

Me: What YOU need to understand about this “transaction” is that 1) i ONLY have $10 to my name 2) i have cancer 3) i dont have a job 4) i only look after myself, which means nobody looks after me.
Me: I can’t ship the item with only $10 that i have to my name. I simply can’t. I need the money in my bank account in order to do so. WHICH MEANS that I need you to wire me money via western union or cash or YOU pay for the shipping directly through USPS.
– This is where I try to test him some more, see if I can scam him by sending me real money via western union.

+15163311291: i understand this situation but you just have to find this money today and ship the item,because i want you to get all your money today due to your health so that you can go and treat yourself…….please just try as much possible to do it today and let me knw
– Yeah, I’m going to treat myself with his fake money, I can’t believe how much of an asshole this guy is. He’s got some real English skills though doesn’t he? xD

Me: Where am I going to find that kind of money from? The ONLY way I’ll get that kind of money is until the end of the month when I get my disability check which I use to pay for rent food and my bills.
Me: So again, what YOU need to do is to find another way to send me this money so I can AFFORD to ship the item to you. I can’t wait for paypal to “release” the funds until I ship. I need the money in ORDER TO AFFORD to ship the item. You want the item? Find a way.
Me: It’s only $248 to ship an item that has a true face value of over $2000. I’m sure even YOU can afford that.

+15163311291: yes that is why i made more more payment to your paypal account,just try and find the money,i know is not easy but just try and find another way of getting it so that you can ship the item today and get back to me with the shipping detail.there is no other way of sending you another payment after i have already made enough,

Me: You’re just one useless piece of shit aren’t you? You know what, I have less than $6 in my bank account now. I’m going to the casino today. I’m usually lucky so if I win I’ll ship the item with that. Until then, you will have to wait.

+15163311291: i even pity your condition that is why i want to you to do it quickly so that you can get your money today in other to proceed with your health treatment,just try and find the money and get the item ship out
– I had no idea scammers had feelings, he “pities” my fake condition. What a flamer.

Me: You “pity” my condition? You aren’t doing anything to help me. You have funds on “hold” that I can’t do anything with. You fail to understand I don’t have enough money to ship the item yet you’re trying to force me to “find” the money. Where from? I told you I’m alone, I don’t have a job and you still try to force me. I feel violated!

+15163311291: no is not like that i want you to get all money that is why i want you to go and get the shipping money and send the package,i don’t have anything to do,you are in good position to solve this problem the money is already pending in your account just try and find any solution to make the shipping…….ones again am really really sorry for inconvenient it may course you

Me: The solution is simple, I can easily refund money via paypal so that money you “sent” doesn’t have to be official. And you can find a way to get me the money via western union or pay USPS directly, I told you that before. But it seems you don’t want to do that and are trying to force me to find money out of the blue, which I can’t.

+15163311291: how can i make another payment after i have already made twice and the money has already been deducted in my account,and they can not refund my money because is already pending in your account just to ship the package and send them the tracking number as to verify and release your money in your account immediately just try and understand.
– So now I’m stupid and need to understand. LOL

Me: Yeah and you STILL fail to understand that I have less than $6 on my bank account and can’t afford to pay to ship this item. But like I said, I’ll go to the casino today with the rest of the money I have I usually win. Maybe I’ll win enough for more food and to ship this.

+15163311291: alright i hope so thanks for your understanding,i hope to read from you soon as to complete this transaction.and am really sorry for the inconvenient.

Me: Alright so instead of going to the casino i bought a scratch off lottery and I won $1000! Lucky day! RIGHT?! But guess what, as I was going back home I got beat up and robbed. All of my money is gone, I now have NOTHING. They even took my shoes! I can’t ship this to you, I have no money to even feed myself with!

+15163311291: hmmmmm am even surprise about your story all the same am really sorry just try as much as possible to ship it out today
– So now I have terminal cancer, no job, no family, no friends, “won” $1000 and got robbed on the way home, they even took my shoes! Yet, he still wants me to magically send the item and steal from me. This asshole has no heart, what a cold-hearted MOFO.

Me: You’re starting to piss me off man. What part of I GOT BEAT UP AND I HAVE NO MONEY don’t you understand? WHERE THE FUCK would I get money to ship this item? $0 = CANNOT ship the item. Give me the money via western union and this is going to be all yours.

+15163311291: okay if you want to collect your money and want your account to be credited today go and find money and ship it ………..that is all
– Yeah, it’s that simple. I’m stupid and he’s already getting tired of me at this point.

Me: Where am I going to find almost $250 dollars from? My ass? That’s why I said send it to me via western union and I’ll ship it to you ASAP!

+15163311291: it is not possible because i have already made payment to you twices
– Had I given him an email address I’m sure it’d be flooded by his fake PayPal emails with his worthless fake money, I test him enough and even curse at him but he still doesn’t bite, he isn’t rude, but still has hopes that I’ll send him my hard-earned item.

Me: yes it is possible. i will refund the money once i get the shipping ID to you. i am still bleeding from being beat up earlier. so help me to help YOU. send the money via western union if you want this item.

+15163311291: if you ship the item let me know……….thats all

Me: If you want the item, send it via western union… that’s all.
Me: If you care to know. I think I’m going to go to the hospital, the bleeding won’t stop from my eye/cheek area. Let me know if you figure out a way to send the money via western union. Then I can send it overnight to you tomorrow.

+15163311291: okay
– LOL, he really doesn’t give a shit does he? Heartless scammer, seriously!

Me: I am at the hospital now. i am scared, lonely and without money. maybe they’ll give me food, i hope. because i dont have money. but they could arrest me because i got into a fight. and because i won’t be able to pay my bill. can you help somehow?!

+15163311291: ship my iten
– HAHAHA, so now it’s HIS item. I had no idea sending fake PayPal emails with “money” made it his item. He shows NO concern about what’s been happening to me. He only wants HIS item. What a tool.

Me: they said they’ll send me to jail if i dont pay my hospital bill. i needed stitches on my face to stop the bleeding. they’re trying to charge me almost $900! I don’t have that money with me!
Me: If you wire me money for the hospital bill and for the item I will send it via paypal and send the item overnight. Please help. I am desperate. Western Union is the only way.
Me: hello?! i need your help!
– He stopped responding entirely after this. But the next day at 3AM he sends a response…

+15163311291: if you are ready to collect your money go and ship the item

Me: Hey piece of shit. I knew from the start you were trying to scam me. Do you think I’m some sort of dumb ass? Get a job asshole, you are the reason Nigeria is so fucked up. Stealing mother fucker. I hope you get hit by a car, and soon. FUCK YOU!

+15163311291: fuck your mother you this stupid ashore
– Ahhh, finally! Got some curse words out of him. But he can’t even spell! I was literally laughing my ass off here. I responded once more but of course, he just stopped texting after this.

Me: Its spelled “asshole” you dip shit dumb fuck. Get a job you lazy scamming mother fucker. You are a waste of life, a waste of earth. Trash, that’s what you are dumb ass piece of shit. FUCK YOU!

Well. There you have it! I messed with a scammer for as long as I could, this entire convo took about three days of his time. It’s pretty sad to see that no matter what I told he did not once tried to cancel the “transaction”, even after knowing my condition, my unfortunate luck or the lack of money I had to “ship” the item. I tried to scam him myself, but of course he didn’t budge. Oh well, it was all for fun anyway. Hope you enjoyed the read! 😀
It is no doubt Craigslist has been a great web site for many years; many people still depend on it to post and look for ads. It has been a choice for many businesses and consumers alike, but with so much popularity there is also abuse and fraud.

Most of us know the typical frauds that scammers use Craigslist for, aiming at stealing from people posting all sorts of their products online. Sending fake PayPal emails with “on hold funds until item is sent” to some low-life place in Nigeria or even somewhere within the states, there’s also scammers using it to sell fake puppies – asking you to pay for their plane ticket to “personally” hand you the puppy, and the all-time scam of women seeking men where scammers find every way possible to get desperate men seeking a female online to fess up some money through western union or even PayPal.

The latest scam has been brought to my attention recently and I just had to share, small businesses and alike are being targeted, how? There are groups called “Craigslist Experts” that claim that if you hire them they will post ads on your behalf for your business/products/etc and flag the ads of your competitors so that their ads get deleted. But, it doesn’t stop there (of course not). These scammers also take the step to notify your competitors, of the very same ads they are flagging, of these actions and send them an email stating that there is a business or person who is trying to hire them to flag your ads and if you don’t hire them yourself they won’t have any other choice but to flag your ads to be deleted, and believe me, they do succeed at it. They don’t notify you until a few of your ads get deleted first so that when you are annoyed enough an email like this may be of relief to you, but instead it’s a way to hassle you out of your money.

Now, perhaps they are flagging and deleting your ads without any other business actually hiring them and instead try to get money out of you to make them stop. Either way, it’s all a scam. And thus making Craigslist and even less stable and reliable source to use to post ads. Good luck and be careful out there!
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